Emily Adams

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Inspired by: Grace Slick, Jewel, Poe, alanis Morrisette

Emily Adams, a multi-award-winning Singer-Songwriter, has taken her mesmerizing melodies on a thrilling global journey, leaving a trail of musical magic in her wake. From the vibrant Crossroads NJ to the cozy EJ's Tap House NJ, Emily has graced stages of all sizes. Her music transcends boundaries, igniting the atmosphere at venues like Jamey's House of Music PA and the lively Wally Lake Festival PA.

Venturing beyond borders, Emily's harmonious tunes have echoed in the iconic McHugh's in the UK and the majestic Van der Valk Theater in the Netherlands. Irish audiences have been serenaded at Monroe's, while England was captivated at the historic Dublin Castle. Each stage serves as a testament to Emily's musical prowess.

Emily's accolades include the prestigious "Folk Song of the Year" award for her haunting masterpiece, "Ray," at the Fair Play Country Music Awards in the Netherlands. She was also honored with the "Rising Star" award at the International Singer-Songwriters Association in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Emily is a true musical virtuoso, skillfully wielding the guitar, captivating with her vocals, adding depth with her harmonica, and setting the rhythm with her foot drum, she infuses her performances with a soulful energy that resonates profoundly.

Emily's shows offer an expedition through her original compositions and heartfelt covers. Whether as a solo Singer-Songwriter, delivering an intimate acoustic experience, or as a duo/trio, Emily's musical voyage is sure to enthrall your audience.

Invite Emily Adams to your stage and let your audience embark on an exhilarating musical escapade. With Emily, it's not just a performance; it's an electrifying journey. Bring this musical sensation to your venue and be part of the musical adventure.

"Through the melody of my music, I weave the tapestry of my story, and on the stage, I breathe life into it, for my love for live performance knows no bounds." - Emily Adams

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Press / Reviews

“Wow beautiful voice. You have a very unique voice one that people really reconize you know like Joan Baez. You are the new Joan Baez! The harmony between the guitar and your voice is incredible” ” - Wolfgang Van der velt theater Netherlands
“The most pleasant and sweet artist I’ve had the pleasure to work with. A combination of Joan Jett with Grace Slick, Emily never disappoints”” - Jamie’s House of Music